Les Polyphonies Hbraques de Strasbourgshape


Retzeï (Amida)

Compositeur: Stephen Richards

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Uri Tzafon

Melody:Dov Carmel
Arr pour choeur: Y.Braun

Les Polyphonies
Hector Sabo

Hector Sabo, the founder and musical director of the choir, is originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he builds up a strong experience in choral liturgy of Ashkenaze tradition. Trained in classical music as pianist, organist, choirmaster, and in conducting orchestras, he moves to France in 1987 where he is awarded the First Price in orchestra conducting.

In 1988, he is hired as permanent choirmaster of the Great Synagogue of Strasbourg, until 2007. In 1998, he is appointed director of the local Music and Dance School of Herrlisheim, in Alsace. In 2006, in answer to requests for small-size concerts, he creates the Ensemble Vocal Hébraïca, including the soloists of the PHS. Since January 2007, he is also the musical and artistic director of the Jewish Choir of France, created under the aegis of the Israeli Consistory of Paris/Ile-de-France. The same year, he is appointed permanent teacher in Musical Training at the Strasbourg Conservatoire.

Hector Sabo also delivers lectures, and publishes numerous articles on jewish music and musical culture. His activities lead him throughout France and Europe, as well as the USA and Argentina.

Hector Sabo

A little history…

The « Ensemble Vocal de Musiques Hébraïques » was born In November 1996, spending its 12 first years within the frame of the University of Strasbourg, Department of Jewish and Hebraic Studies, Training and Research Unit. In 2003, the vocal ensemble formed itself into an association under local law, and chose to perform as
« Les Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg », or PHS.

Under the musical conduct of Hector Sabo, the choir includes about fifty members of all origins and confessions, but with the common project of contributing to the knowledge of the wide-ranging and extremely rich jewish musical culture. The section heads ensure the musical supervision of their respective section.

The repertory of the choir is composed of sacred and profane works, and includes traditional choral pieces, Jewish Ashkenazi liturgy of the XIXth and XXth centuries, Judeo-Italian madrigals of the XVIIth, Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic) folklore, and Israeli songs, especially arranged for a mixed choir.

The PHS perform in concerts, and also within the context of festivals, with piano or organ accompaniment. For concerts of smaller size, the soloists perform within the Ensemble Vocal Hebraica, an ensemble of variable geometry, ranging from a trio to a double mixed quartet with Cantor.

In November 2011, the PHS were invited to participate to the « Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg », and, from December 16th to 18th, to the first Louis Lewandowsky Festival organized together by the City of Berlin and its Jewish community. They also perform in England, Luxemburg, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. They were invited to take part in the 2014 Edition of the European Competition of Choral Song organised by the National Federation of Music of the Grand Duché du Luxembourg. And of course the choir performs every year in Alsace and Lorraine (Strasbourg, Colmar, Haguenau, Bouxwiller, Metz,….).

​In December 2014, the choir edited its 5th CD, "Chants et Emotions" which is actually a double CD, with selected songs by the choir itself (PHS) on the first CD, and by the soloists of the "Ensemble Vocal Hebraïca" on the second CD. The list of all songs is available on this site.